Advancing ML technology to enhance human lives

In our era of rapid technological advancement, the realm of possibilities seems limitless, thanks to the power of Machine Learning.

From image and speech recognition to medical diagnoses, recommendation systems, and even self-driving cars, data-driven algorithms have the potential to unlock insights, automate decision-making, and redefine the boundaries of technological innovation. Machine Learning is a subfield of AI, defined as the capability of a machine to imitate intelligent human behavior and to handle data more efficiently.


From research to impact: Advancing ML technology to enhance human lives

At Henesis, we’re deeply invested in this transformative field, leveraging ML to drive innovation and redefine possibilities. Our patented ML algorithms lie at the core of our work, powering various applications such as automatic object identification, counting exercise repetitions using inertial sensors, and enhancing BCI paradigms.

In this context, our solution for telerehabilitationARC intellicare, is an example of our commitment. Here, Henesis’ ML algorithms for exercise repetition counting provide precise feedback, improving rehabilitation outcomes and enabling personalised interventions.

Through meticulous research and dedication, we are shaping a future where technology serves humanity in meaningful ways.


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